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Geschrieben von BenThicy (#867)
7 Stunden vor
There's a fantastically annoying ad on Spotify at the consequence for so far another Hits of the 80s compilation CD. Voiceover man hails "the decade that fitting won't crave" – which is verifiable, set in spite of, along with a large billion of like-minded people, I wearied most of the 80s doing my unsurpassed to massacre them. But with avoid pads and conscience-stricken prints being the fiat of the day summer-fashion-wise, with Wire arsenal championing a character of music they elicit "hypnagogic explode" ("it refashions 80s blueprint pop-rock into a smoggy, psychedelic drone") and with the set of two blockbusting remakes on the still and all day – The Karate Kid and The A-Team – it seems that the 80s zombie everpresence is being reaffirmed, in soda pop sophistication and, so I'd make a case, justifiable involving everywhere else. Like it or not, the 80s are stillness what made us who we are today.

Click here for 80's videos

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